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More info if you're interested

Firefox is free and open source so anyone can read the code and contribute code, assuming that the code recieve's approval from Mozilla's quality control "sherrifs." It's true they make money from companies like Yahoo and Google to pay developers, but that's for providing their search engines built into their search bar, not for providing data. You can add other search engines into the bar as well, including Mozilla, alongside the Electronic Fronteir Foundation, has lead the charge against government involvement in the internet. They have also tried to lead in the establishment of free market mechanisms to enhance privacy from advertisers. That way, privacy is enhanced while people are still free to make contracts as they please and sites' free speech isn't being curtailed with disclosure laws. Needless to say, it's an uphill battle. Microsoft recently totally derailed one of their almost successful programs. Both Apple and Microsoft has been fighting very hard against Mozilla's web standards in the W3C (a market-based consortium that desides standards for web languages and what not) because the web standards make the web more competitive and prevent a future Internet Explorer-like monopoly from forming again.

Chrome is also free and open source, but that's also how everyone knows that they spy on users, lol.