Comment: It appears O'really is really

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It appears O'really is really

concerned about them reading his emails? He's probably worried about being blackmailed by the content, which he should be. Now, with Rand, he still wants to compromise our rights for security, even though he is raising 'some' concerns. Why doesn't any politician who claims to be for fighting terrorism, and raising concerns about the intrusions of our Liberty, ever raise the question 'How can we honestly state we are protection our country when our borders are vitrually unprotected. When these elected officials state we need these types of measures to protect us from terrorism, why do they never strongly mention the need to secure our borders from invaders? In fact, most of those who support these liberty destroying measures used on American citizens, are the largest opposers of making our border secure? Using common sense, if we are really trying to protect America, the first plan of action should have been protecting our borders, before we even thought about using these anti-Bill of Rights measures on our people.' Now, why have you never heard any of the so-called defenders of the Constitution, and supporters of fighting the 'war on terror' state this menial common sensical plan of action? Because, they are as in the radio-hacks and/or pundits, paid misdirectors, and with the politicians, corporate controlled collectivists jockeying for power and the riches that will result.
The difference between Ron and Rand is, that Ron compromised with liberal/progressives to defend our Liberty, Rand on the other hand, compromises our Liberty to get along with his party. Ron could easily defend his comprimise by stating his job is to defend the Constitution. With Rand, he has to explain why he is willing to compromise the Constitution while supporting the Globalist agenda. Rand appears to have taken a Liberty stand on the 4th Amendment, but I am waiting to see if he makes another hope killing statement like he did with the 'drone and the liquor store robber'?