Comment: Mike, I feel your pain, and this is my best advice.

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Mike, I feel your pain, and this is my best advice.

Whatever you do, always keep the goal in mind. You want that light to stop shining in your yard. That is the goal.

To that end, whatever you do, do not escalate. I repeat: DO NOT ESCALATE.

I recently sold my condo to get away from uncooperative people because I chose to escalate. From my experience, it does not work. Escalating only makes the other party more determined. It is like they somehow know how much you want something, and then they take a perverse pleasure in not giving it to you. Some people are weird like that.

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You said you've been there for 10 years. You can be patient for a couple more months while you soften her up.

People don't like change. They're afraid.

You said the last thing you got was a note. Did you ever go an follow up with her about what her problem is with the skycap? Sometimes just being friendly is very helpful. Bring her over some cookies, and ask if you can talk to her about it. Reassure her that it will not affect the light in her property. Etc.

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It may sound like a lot of trouble, but it is just better to be civil. She is, after all a neighbor. She has a reason that she doesn't want to change the light. Find out what it is, and defuse it. You'll have to be sleuthful & play detective. But you're a smart guy.

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And if all that fails, I'd say get an industrial strength spotlight. The kind they use for opening nights of big events. Get one of those in your yard and point it straight onto her house. ALL NIGHT LONG. That way you won't disturb the neighbors.


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But seriously, option 1 is better. Even if you win through 'force,' the tension will always be there. Better to solve it with kindness.

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