Comment: Issues to consider

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Issues to consider

1) Legally, the data they are collecting and storing doesn't exist and they are not collecting it and storing it. (Even though of course they are.) Hence, LEGALLY, how did they have it before they were authorized by warrant to have it, since legally it doesn't exist? If you introduce evidence to the contrary, it will be classified and sealed under national security law.

2) At least currently, they aren't using the blanket surveillance data against people IN COURT. But they DO use it to know where to look to get evidence to bring to court. Further, they use it extra legally to mess with your finances, your telecom, your friends, family, job, reputation, to stalk you in person, etc etc.

3) In the future, of course, it will be used against you legally, no differently than forced confessions were used against Soviet citizens and their families in star courts. It's inevitable.

4) Lastly AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the data is not to have to "get" you in court, it's to blackmail you and CONTROL YOU, as you are under threat that your past sins, even if you've repented and changed genuinely, can and will be used against you FOR EVER AND EVER.