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Is that a threat?

Wow.. you're half Jewish.. Wow.. I mean WOW WOW WOW.. Oh WOW Golly Man..

Ohhh WOW you're Grandma's folks were bankers.. Gasp! Shock! bankers.. Man!! Wow!!!

What sense did what make to you?

Oh.. being shrewd with money is now a Jewish genetic trait? Get real. Most jews, but the Iranian Farci, who came to the USA during the outting of the Shaw, came here with little to nothing. Most Jews lived in GHETTOS, were not bankers, and were frugal because they had NO CHOICE, they were discriminated against, and even in CA there were signs NO JEWS. Jews were just as much discriminated against as blacks.

The Chinese think they are smarter than you. Maybe you are here to proove them correct?

Peace be with you ((((dducky)))))

Remember, I LOVE you and not because you're part Jew.