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Maybe you would want to come with me then?

I'm sorry you had a bad trip, REALLY. I intend to have a great trip.. want to start with a cruise from Fl 12 days.

I want to pay for the US goverment (I'm not against paying taxes, just against where some of these taxes go), and do business with Israel, which definately has the best global legal services and tech. Food your is on my agenda.

China spys on us, but what's worse is we spy on us. We blackmail Israel with FRNs. Their nuclear arsenal is an albatross which Israel has repeated stated that they would NOT be the first to lanch nuclear weapons

This is all about learning, and as long as I am learning, I am fine. It's when I think I know everything that it is not fine. I don't know everything about Israel, but the more I look, the more I like.. and I owe this to Ron Paul saying Israel is our friend.

As for the complaint about my folks.. it has been very interesting, very sad on many levels.. but also, I am now talking with attorneys that have bars in CA and NV and getting my ducks lined up for a battle.. and plan to celebrate my win, because I will win, with a long trip that includes Israel, and it's going to be a great trip.

An American in Israel