Comment: Stomp out your own fires

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Stomp out your own fires

First...Don't call the authorities, don't complain to anyone and definately don't tell anyone what you "might" do someday.
Keep your mouth shut, completely.
It looks like you've already exhausted your options with your neighbor, its now time to take action.
As Ira Feeman said, however, I don't think a BB will work as effectively as a .22 cal. Pellet Rifle. It will have much more punch, and take it out on the first attempt.
Blast the living daylights out of the light when you know she's not looking...maybe on a stormy night. Looks like she has already declared WAR, so what do you have to lose? When she gets tired of hiring an electrician to come out and "fix" it, Whack it again some time later, when the coast is clear.
There's only two kinds of people in Amerika today, the caught and the uncaught...make sure you stay in the latter group.