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did she seem alarmed to you?

did she seem alarmed to you? i feel like she seemed alarmed, even though when she was talking she appeared on the surface to be sort of passe. her semantics betrayed that calm, though, to me, and even her body language -- facial expressions in particular -- seemed like she was screaming; "This shit is crazy!" and that she was imploring others to "step up" when talking about additional leaks. to phrase it that way - "i don't know if someone else is going to step up" -- seems hopeful for it. and even though she ignorantly claimed "but it's all legal!" she was incredulous when she said it, as though to say "are you f-ing kidding me?"

so that's sorta how i was looking at it. but it's past 1 a.m. and i should be sleeping right now. so i'm gonna go do that.