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Comment: Can't speak for Japan...but

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Can't speak for Japan...but

the barometer is the status of the Euro. When the Euro tanks then our days are numbered--probably 6-8 wks and then we'll (USA) be next. That's when the USD will rally because the EU will seek shelter in the USD as the Euro crashes. Sadly, everyone will realize that the USD is in even worse shape. Their revelation will buy you the 6-8 wks to make last minute preps. I got this info from Lindsey Williams from about a year ago. It may be totally wrong.

IMHO, I would simply assume all other fiat currencies will be irrelevant as the USD is the world reserve currency. I'd say the Euro is the 2nd biggest so perhaps Japan and fiat currencies will crash before hand. I think the BRICs are working out an alternative to shield themselves.

Always prepare...starting now! A little at a time. For money, I stash away USD cash, gold, silver, and bitcoins.