Comment: World Bank is here to prevent WWIII? LOL

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World Bank is here to prevent WWIII? LOL

The World Bank is one of the most destructive institutions on the planet along with the IMF who together institute global Keynsianism.

I was trying to follow Karen in the beginning and it seemed credible, but it was a jumble of information with some name-dropping and a detailed account of certain events, but I never really got a clear picture of what she wanted to get across and what she was whistle-blowing about.

Anyways, I'm not sure I should have wasted time listening to a World Bank promoter or gatekeeper or whatever she might be called. Oh wells.. at least I know now that according to Karen Hudes the World Bank is here to prevent WWIII... LOL... and I guess War = Peace too huh? Orwell would be turning in his grave...

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