Comment: Did any of us serve honorably?

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Did any of us serve honorably?

At the time I served in a deployment and in the Marines and at the beginning of my service in the Air Force, I felt I was serving honorably.

I am a murderer and I say that with great disdain. I think about what I did everyday. But none of you can judge me. Not even the people that were in the military. We all have different stories and we all have different redemption. I am not talking about God.

I hope to never hurt another person in my life and help those that I can help. I have never seen any post that shows murder for self edification like a drone strike ordered by the highest agents in the USSA.

To my knowledge maybe the Revolutionary War is the only war that was self defense and of course the war going on for our minds right now against the force makers. It is difficult for me to use the word gov't. Gov't is a figment of imagination. There is no governing going on; just force. I say that that is evil people in a position of power. I see the word gov't as a euphemism for a group of people that have a monopoly of force against innocent people. If I was to continue murdering than judge me but if I turn from my wrongdoing which of can forgive me that should make a difference in my life or in how I see myself. Nobody sits on an ivory tower. Label everyone or label no one; the bottom line is I must be selfish and focus on me to be the difference. We should all be free or have the opportunity to be free. Even if any of you were to judge me it gets you and I nowhere, our interactions should be voluntary. You all are here because you are great people. Keep up the striving to be better.