Comment: A great test of mettle

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A great test of mettle

Peter Schiff's style of interviewing has been to consistently identify fallacies that his guests may hold. In the case of Ben Swann and his new journalism business venture, questions of the kind he asked during the interview like (1) the nature of the funding, (2) is the funding sustainable, (3) is the money from the project taxable, etc are all legitimate and, to the ill-prepared, difficult questions that should be answered. And Ben did. Quite well in my estimation. Schiff likes the off-the-cuff question and answer style, which makes for some entertaining banter or confrontations (if the interviewee is evasive in their answers).

So the shoe was on the other foot. And Ben stepped up to the plate and took fastballs and got on base again and again. It would have done Ben no favors had Peter threw him softballs and simply gushed over him like the media does over Obama. It reminded me of the late Tim Russert of Meet the Press and his interview with Ron Paul during the 2008 election season. Russert had asked Dr Paul a tough question that on the face seemed to call into question his views on government spending and his earmarks to bring money back to his district. Dr Paul, given his speaking style that he admits isn't his best suit, seemed to give the impression that he got off guard with the question but he answered as well as he could similar to other questions of bad public policy (the short of it is that given the federal government extracted tax revenue from his district, his responsibility as their representative was to bring their money back through the only authority afforded to him). Now Russert did Paul no favors with his hard questioning of Dr Paul, but Russert was consistently hard on nearly all the guests he interviewed if memory serves me right.

Back to Schiff and Swann; it is healthy and indeed even appropriate for Swann to be asked questions that may be on the minds of his potential donors. Given the answers Swann gave, I am confident of the quality and the dedication him and his whole team will put into achieving success in their stated goal. Let's have "Truth in Media" again!