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All of the above are free btw...

Just takes some time but is well worth it...I would also like to add:

Anonymization since 1997
Protect your privacy, protect your data, protect it for free.
It is fast, it is easy, and it is free!


Boxpn is a brand of Cakinberk Telekom Ltd. Sti. – that has been selling dedicated servers and web hosting services since 1998.

Due to high demand by our current customers in conjunction with our extensive years of experience in server hosting arena, we decided to create boxpn service for you. Our main focus is providing you with a fast, stable and secure network while at the same time offering you a remarkably good value for your money.

Maximum speed and security is our top priority at boxpn. All servers are connected directly to the worldwide 220Gbit high-speed backbone of PlusServer AG, Softlayer Technologies Inc., UK2 Group and iWeb Technologies which have direct connections to the most reliable providers and the largest European and US locations.

What is boxpn?

boxpn creates encrypted secure tunnel connection between your computer / mobile device and boxpn global servers with up to 2048 Bits encryption. This way, all your internet traffic goes through boxpn servers and you become secure and anonymous while using internet. Even your ISP or government cannot monitor what you are browsing or doing on the internet.

boxpn filters each packet on its network and if there is any virus or malware, it gets cleaned before the files reach to your computer. You only receive clean traffic.

boxpn gives you access to sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora.

Also if you have any web restricitons at work, in your country or by your ISP, boxpn unblocks any restrictions. You will be totally free in the internet

We believe that Internet is yours, not your governments’. Now you are free to use it with boxpn!
Security at boxpn!

We understand how important for you to be anonymous and secure. So we secured all our servers with Microsoft TMG. TMG secures your VPN experience with malware-spyware and anti-virus scanning. Also phishing sites are scanned daily and we keep you secure from these sites.

boxpn has the strongest 2048bit SSTP encryption available at all our servers. Theoritically, it takes around 1 Million years for super computer to decrypt our data.

Also boxpn never collect your logs, so all your data is anonymous