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Love ya too ❣Granger❣

I meant bankers, like Lehman banking family. I don't know if there is a link, the surname is too prevalent for me to follow. But my Grandma said this part of her family were rich bankers. She does not know it is a Jewish name. Her maiden name is Fitzpatrick. She calls herself a cradle Catholic (both her parents were Catholic). So that is why we had no idea she is possibly half Jewish. I can't break the news to her or my Dad at this point. But, natch, the first thing I thought of was Lehman Bros.. She will be 93 in a couple of weeks. I have been squeezing any and all information out of her that I can for a few years. I think she's all squeezed out now.

I linked the Talmud so you could understand why a good portion of Jews behave like they do. When I read excerpts from it I was able to understand them (us) much better. I do try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt when meeting them and treat them equally. But, stereotyping is a defense mechanism for humans. It can be quite useful. We can stereotype lions from lambs, and that is a good thing. Not all Jews think that the Goy are dirty beasts to use and kill, but some really do believe it. And some, although they may not believe it, grow up in environments where this is custom. So they, perhaps unintentionally, carry on the tradition. So I have this in the back of my head when getting to know them. I recall you categorizing Atheists in a derogatory 'other-ness' fashion. Is this not the same thing? I do not believe stereotyping is racist. But throwing away our embedded defense mechanism of trait grouping (whether it be age, gender, race, religion, economic, or culturally) when establishing relationships is just plain stupid. And the political correctness that we are supposed to abide by is stupid as well. I use these categorizing skills to observe and correct my own behavior too.