Comment: Solving our Problems

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Solving our Problems

I was just sitting here contemplating the complexities of the universe when a profound revelation produced itself in my mind. Opinions welcome? I think that we could solve most of the problems that afflict our country and the rest of the world today if we were to undertake a few simple course corrections.

1) Cut the umbilical cord to Israel ! After all, the tail shouldn't wag the dog.This most likely would include throwing 90% of all complicit, complacent, AIPAC owned bums out of office.After all, they are only in it for the money anyway.

2) Mind our own business and cease and desist any and all empirical ambitions.

3) Bring the Military Industrial Complex to a grinding halt save defensive purposes on American soil only.

4)Destroy all robotic flying death machines. Everybody knows that a fair fight entails that the opponent is afforded an opportunity to fight back. This is the most cowardly form of warfare ever conceived!

5) Focus on the betterment of Americans and America.

6) Apologize to the rest of the people of the world for our murderous, nefarious, diabolical actions of the last 75 years !

Problem solved

Jack Rose