Comment: It's an obama-nation.

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It's an obama-nation.

Obamacare was the second to the last step to full-spectrum tyranny. This Amnesty bill will be the last. This bill will make Obamacare enforceable. Everyone will be e-Verified, and Obamacare penalties will be stolen from all paychecks. This will complete the ubiquitous database for all Americans. These poor immigrants will instantaneously be responsible for the USGovt debt, have to support lazy-ass SS, MC, MC, EBT, Section 8 recipients, and pay for whiny-ass American's, anti-depressant addicted, pill-poppin' excuse for health insurance. An abomination, indeed. These immigrants ONLY want to be able to drive and travel without the risk of being kidnapped, thrown into the FEMA gulag, and tossed over the border to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Thanks a lot, Rand. You should have listened to your father.