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Amnesty is among the worse things that can happen to America . .

it will bring further division and conflict among the people. It will introduce millions of people who know nothing of the foundational principles of America & who have lived in a corrupt banana republic. They are loyal to Mexico. They don't want to become Americans, they come here for economic reasons. (Too few Americans know of the nations foundations & they are creating a banana republic through that ignorance.) It will further decrease our citizens capacity to compete and to get jobs by bringing in many more people than is promised. But the worse aspect of this bill is the requirement that all have their electronic 'papers' in order - just like Nazi Germany.

Of course, this hornets nest can be well enough left alone. You may not practically be able to deport millions of hidden illegals. But that doesnt mean you have to bring even more in. So why do so, and why now ? Is this the best thing for the country at this time ? This stinks of the same odor of Bush's prescription med push. It wasnt wanted by the seniors and they were concerned of the costs that would be passed on to their children and grandchildren. Of course, that plan was pushed by special interests and by the politicians for their own political benefit before the coming election. Their personal short term benefit seems to be all American politicians think or care about today. There are no solutions that will ever come out of D.C.

P.S. - - - a friend of mine used to come up with all sorts of excuses for Bush jr. Bush would do something counter to the Constitution and what my friend believed, and he would make up all sorts of hidden grand strategies/explanations of why Bush was doing so. You may think that Paul is pushing this because he knows the American people don't want it and it will fail. He wants it to be put out in the open and defeated, while still appearing to go along with the DemoRepublicrats one big insider party pushing it. - - After awhile, and so many un-Constitutional actions by Bush, my friend quit bothering to make excuses. He'd talk sports instead. All I can say is Rand Paul isn't Ron Paul . . by a long shot.