Comment: This will not bring additional undocumented pioneers in.

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This will not bring additional undocumented pioneers in.

They will be fleeing as fast as they can throw a spontaneous Modelo and carnitas fiesta. No one can live on minimum wage, pay FICA, SS, MC, MC, and OC, while still feeding a family. You should be cheering. You won't have to deal with them anymore. As for me, I think everybody has the right to travel, work, and live wherever the hell they want so long as they do not infringe upon the life, liberty, or property of others.

I have to laugh at this:

P.S. - - - a friend of mine used to come up with all sorts of excuses for Bush jr. Bush would do something counter to the Constitution and what my friend believed, and he would make up all sorts of hidden grand strategies/explanations of why Bush was doing so. You may think that Paul is pushing this because he knows the American people don't want it and it will fail. He wants it to be put out in the open and defeated, while still appearing to go along with the DemoRepublicrats one big insider party pushing it. - - After awhile, and so many un-Constitutional actions by Bush, my friend quit bothering to make excuses. He'd talk sports instead. All I can say is Rand Paul isn't Ron Paul . . by a long shot.

If your friend was looney for pretending to know what was in GWB's mind, how come you do the same with Rand? Or maybe I misunderstood it. I do not read minds. I like the truth. If Rand is misrepresenting himself for the cause of liberty, which I do not believe, by justifying nefarious means to further a noble end, that is the other teams strategy and I disagree with it.