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I like this guy

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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The first video is an excellent explanation of meta data, and how it can be used.

I was listening to Jaron Lanier, who was on On Point this morning on WBUR. He made the point - which has been made elsewhere, but it really struck & stuck this morning - that the NSA is collecting all of this and just storing it. Forever.

And then one day, when you - for whatever reason - become a "suspect" -- maybe by accident you come into contact with a terrorist or some other "bad guy," or whatever. Maybe you didn't do anything wrong, but your in the wrong place at the wrong time. A terrorist dialed your number by accident. Or someone in a high place has something out for your, they can go back over your entire life. All of your "meta data" - phone calls, emails - "every decision you've ever made," as Lanier put it.

There is one word that describes this: Nightmare. Suddenly, the "land of the free" looks like a Kafka novel.

- - - - -

And for the "I didn't do anything wrong," crowd.

The definition of what is "wrong" is determined by the government, and that changes over time. So you went to a bar last weekend? Nothing wrong with that, right? Unless it was during Prohibition.

These rules and laws are changing all the time, at the whims of a handful of politicians in power.

Who knows, maybe one day all these little notes we write to one another will be considered subversive and illegal.

- - - - -

One final point. While they may not know your "name" with the metadata, they know your "number" and that is, for all intents and purposes, the same thing. Your phone number is just another name for you.

The "name" of this website is not just the "Daily Paul" - it is also a number. An IP number. They're just two different names for the same thing.