Comment: Put up a pole on your property

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Put up a pole on your property

of equal height and in direct path of the light and put a light blocking black panel on top of the pole. This should block the majority of the light from your property. May be buy a flag pole so you can raise it up only at night. If you make the panel an american flag that is made from something solid (e.g., a piece of wood) that does not flutter, it will stay in place. If someone complains, accuse them of not being patriotic.

I had a similar problem in college at the apartment we were renting. The offending light was not only bright but made an annoying noise. We shot it out with a pellet gun. That was different, however, because it was the apartment complex's property and no one cared. This is an individual and she is aware of your hate of her light. Hence my suggestion.

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