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Now it makes sense

Either he had a master plan that after a time of contributing interesting and thoughtful posts he would bide his time and suddenly break character and post two blatantly anti-semitic diatribes in a row or.....

Somebody has his password.

If you believe your comp is compromised, run the following programs...
-Kaspersky or Microtrend online virus scanner
-A good registry cleaner, such as tuneup utilities, regcleaner or wiseregistrycleaner among many others
-Hijack THIS!
-Malwarebytes anti-malware
(Make sure to run these in Safe Mode)

Most of the best modern virus will erase restore point on your OS, so its good to have disk backup or partition hard drive, etc have more than one defenses. Learning to pick through your computer registry is not as hard as you might think. All virus has a component in registry for control.