Comment: You lived there 10 years and never complained . . .

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You lived there 10 years and never complained . . .

and then decided to buy the house fully knowing that, so now feel the right to attack your neighbor ? Are you kidding ?

Reminds me of people who move into areas near shooting ranges and then start noise complaints.
And I suppose the OP is a Ron Paul supporter ? Any irony there ?

And to those with suggestions including use of BB guns to shoot out her light . . . do you have any concept of personal responsibility (he knew & bought the place anyway) and property rights ? And this comes from a Ron Paul website ? Was the Ron Paul revolution just the latest trendy fad to you ? America is a lost cause if this is the general level of knowledge and integrity of her people.

Tyranny comes in many forms. Ultimately it comes down to the street level. Think about it.