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guy was moonlighting as a consultant, he's probably a low level agent at that. If we look at the resources delegated to intelligence gathering and realize that this is what the agency does all day everyday, I wouldn't doubt that their capabilities are outside what the general public would conceive possible. We're behind in the technology race. Collecting data as it goes through servers is quite tangible to me, and this is the issue here but we probably would not have thought it possible 10 years ago. What about things the general public isn't familiar or aware of yet? I use google earth from time to time. Do the security agencies have a high resolution version in realtime that tracks and stores information electronically about people's movements, their property, etc. To me, that's not feasible with the technologies I'm aware of but I'm part of the general public. Maybe satellites can look at general areas rather than specific locations. There is lots of them. If you look up in the sky at night and there is hardly a time when you don't see at least one satellite tracking across the sky.

If we're not even aware of the technologies, how can we hold them up to the constitution and bill of rights to see if it is in violation of them.