Comment: P.S. - - - sue her, you'll lose

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P.S. - - - sue her, you'll lose

at least from the way you describe the situation. Also complain to the local code authorities. You'll likely lose there too. As you related the situation, the lady has a normal yard light. Doesn't sound like she's blasting you with an air raid spotlight or a light show laser. But You would like to star gaze, so that's all that matters I guess. And she's being 'stubborn' because she isn't going along with what You want. -- Hmmmm I don't recall that the Right to Stargazing is mentioned in the US Constitution.
I like stargazing too. I don't try to do it in the city. I go out in the country where there are no streetlights. If it was a top life priority I sure wouldn't buy a house near a bright light.

Your little late night 'rock concert' was infantile. The actions of a spoiled brat having a tantrum.

You're probably a decent guy. We can get caught up in things. I suggest you take a deep breath, step back for perspective, and look at your actions. Do your actions really fit in with your personal values ?

The light block suggestions mounted on your own property are probably the best solution IMO. From the sound of it, it would cost less than some of the options you offered to your neighbor which she rejected. But the problem with ambient light and stargazing/astronomy is that it washes out the sky. This still might occur even if you tried to block the direct light. I'd test it with cardboard first to see how much of an improvement it makes.