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Comment: Been there, done that . . .

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Been there, done that . . .

my friend. Not in regards to this specific situation, of course. But sometimes the desire to 'win' has interfered with my own personal values. We all can do it at times. IMO the use of a light directed at her photocell is an invasion of her property rights. She can also easily overide that tactic. (Think how you would do so, its very easy.)

Lights are common out in the country. I don't know how far out you are. But in many rural areas 911 response is a long ways away.

Your solution is for you to star gaze where its dark enough to see the sky and a slow, warming up of your neighbor to the idea. I don't know how old she it, but elderly folks often don't like change. You also need to know what exactly her concerns are. In many places out in the country people are concerned with coyotes and other predators getting to their animals, for example. Open up the lines of communications, back off a little from pushing your agenda with her, and you may both get what you want. You may even be able to 'horse trade' with her for something that is a greater priority for her - - as long as her basic needs are met regarding security/safety or whatever is her highest priority.
Ultimately, it all comes down to value for value free exchange between individuals without the use of force, no matter how subtle.
Whats in your control is where you choose to stargaze in a place thats dark enough to do so. If its not your place, there are likely plenty of others where you can drive on a night that's promising. Whats in her control is what she chooses to do with Her light. You'll need to win her over to change that and 'honey works better than vinegar' as they say. And think how you'd best win over a girlfriend or wife to an idea. Often pushing them isn't the best strategy when an easier going approach would be more successful. People don't like to be pushed or pressured. They sure don't like to be bullied.

P.S. - - - I once had a situation where an elderly relative wouldnt take my very reasonable suggestions on making some repairs on her house. I even offered to do the work for her. Most of the cost would have been for labor. She stubbornly turned down all my helpful efforts and it was very frustrating. What could the woman be thinking, I wondered. Well over time I found out that the item that I wanted to replace had been installed by her husband right before he got sick and later died. She didn't want it taken out because it was the last thing he was able to do on the home that they had saved so long to buy and had spent their lives in. - - - I learned a valuable lesson from this. Talk to people. And know that sometimes we don't get what we want . . and know that's o.k.

Also take responsibility for your actions/decisions, my friend. You lived there 10 years and the light wasn't such a problem that you said anything about it. So, I doubt your wanting it off is more than a personal preference. (Afterall, you stated that you only want the light off at good stargazing times.) You chose to buy that house after knowing what it was like to live there. You're laying blame/responsibility outside of where it needs to be pointed and that's at You. Misdirecting responsibility will only hurt you getting what you want by alienating the person who can grant it (in time, if she chooses) - the neighbor lady.
Frankly, you may be alienating her now. You seem to feel 'entitled' that your preferences over ride hers regarding Her property. Afterall you presented what You consider 'reasonable' offers and she dared to not accept them ! Then you took a rather juvenile noise making action. You can do much better, I'm sure. Good luck. This is a personal life lesson and opportunity for you.