Comment: Two wrongs don't make a right...

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Two wrongs don't make a right...

I have a pretty extensive past when it comes to dealing with nightmare neighbors (and landlords!). Please, do not break the law (BB guns?! It sounds funny enough and might be a gratifying fantasy, but if we're supposed to call the country to more personal responsibility and less gov't - that's not the way to do it folks!). Please don't respond by annoying her back.
Research your local light pollution ordinance. Do not complain to the authorities (they're useless) but do find out if you have the law on your side. Write her a letter soon documenting the facts of the "case" - specifically that she did originally agree to your very generous offer to fix the problem and then went back on her word. Someone else brought up verbal contracts. Get something in writing stipulating that she made and the re-negged on one. In that letter also cite any relevant local ordinances regarding light, interfering with others' quiet enjoyment of their property, etc. In a pointed and polite way, inform her that her failure to resolve this problem constitutes a violation of the law and that you would be within your rights to pursue a redress of grievances through the courts systems. Give her a little regarding the small claims system and at least hint that you are not eager to pursue that option ("I have attempted to resolve this in a peaceable and neighborly fashion...") but WILL if she continues to encroach on your right to use your own property.

Above all - do not annoy her back, except by writing letters and repeatedly remind her of her (most likely illegal) discourteous and UN-neighborly disregard for your property rights. Keep in the back of your mind that everything you say and do (or may be suspected of saying and doing) could become the subject in a potential small claims (or civil) proceeding and act accordingly.

People like this are a menace to society because they are one of the reasons others clamor for more government. I had a landlord like this who absolutely REFUSED to be a decent human being. The only remedy after TWO years of misery and letter writing was to take them to court (and we won in arbitration, partly because I was awesome at writing letters and documenting stuff ;-)).

Good luck. Try to resist the urge to annoy her back...I mean it. It's HARD not to want to poke at people like this and give them a taste of their own medicine, but ultimately, if it's just the use of your property you it the above board way.