Comment: this is why I moved out to the country on 50 acres

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this is why I moved out to the country on 50 acres

No more problems like this, hell my neighbors and I just wave passing each other down the road without much other communication, except when livestock get out of a fence, etc. I am in the process of selling our old home in a neighborhood that was wrought with party/noise/neighbor problems, not doing it again. Plus, the local municipalities and HoA's are doubling fees/water bills because the PUC is in the back pocket of big business, and the lawsuits in this state have driven up liability insurance premium's for HOA's that they now have doubled our fees in the last decade. I figure even if I pay off that house 15 years from now, i'll still have a $400/mo property tax, $150 water bill, $500/mo HoA. What's the point in paying the place off. In the country i'm just dealing w/ property taxes and that's it.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.