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Yes . . . people are a menace to society

who have their own needs and desires and won't go along with what We want ! In that case we should use government to force them to do what We want.

If its a normal yard light, the fact that he doesn't like that it interferes with his stargazing isn't grounds for any claim. If you use that approach you'll lose in court. Of course, the lawyers will win... they always get their fees.

I think most modern rap nowadays sucks. If you play it and I hear it in my yard, I declare that you're producing 'noise pollution'. (Even though you play that stuff at normal volume levels & not in violation of city regs. But I can still hear it). You see I prefer other types of music to rap (just like the fellow prefers to stargaze when many others would rather be inside watching their t.v.s).

Your mere preference isn't a 'right'.

Is Liberty just a theoretical concept to people ? Does it sound good until You want something ? Would you cheer a police state because it made You 'feel safe' ? See where down the road this kinda thinking leads ? Small things lead to big things. Its about the underlying attitudes of people on personal responsibility and Liberty.