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Number concerned with 'security/safety' vs 'stargazing' . . .

LOL. If its a normal yard light and you got up and told a bunch of people your stargazing concerns . . . I doubt you would get a majority. Besides, it doesn't matter what you vote for, its the woman's property.

The more I read here, the less optimistic I am about America. And this is from Ron Paul 'liberty lovers' ? The 'conservative' Republicans are probably raving Nazis if these comments are any gauge of what 'libertarians' think !

A century of taking the teaching of true American history and the foundational principles of the country out of the public schools has seemed to take its toll. (Plus the removal of the teaching of logical thinking & argument.) We don't live in a 'democracy', we live in a Constitutional republic with individual liberties recognized by the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.