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I do

I do agree with that imperfection. My statement is that without a moral law giver, there is no moral law. That is all. Ethics are a play thing that people create. I don't claim to have perfect knowledge of it. There is certainly a sense within us, the question is whether that is authentic, a true sense. If there is a God, at least the potential for a moral law exists, without such a being, no moral law could exist. If we both say there is a moral law, overarching, no matter how well we are able to delineate all its finer points, it is there, we must also posit a God like being, or else our argument self destructs.

If all we have are our preferences and there is no ultimate "right" or "good" we're striving for, then we could never know if we got "better" as you say. These words, "good", "evil", "better", are undefined without that moral law as a context.