Comment: No. Not what I said. This

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No. Not what I said. This

No. Not what I said.
This person is refusing to follow even a basic standard of courtesy (love your neighbor as yourself, let's try that one). Her neighbor has politely asked that once in awhile, she turn off her light and he has even offered to pay for a solution that would enable her to have her light, and shield his property from it's intrusion. She won't even go with that.
What I mean is that most people are unwilling to even try to resolve things in a way that doesn't involve a lawsuit or a response of "this person bothers me, there should be a law to stop them from bothering me." So consequently, a person who refuses to resolve things out of court by negotiating with another willing and cooperative party...the natural course of things is that in many cases there WILL be calls for more government because those people won't govern themselves. I am not saying it's RIGHT, but I am saying it's reality.

I think there are just a few really basic principles people should follow: do unto others as you would have done to you and DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO. This woman isn't following either one.
In an ideal, liberty-loving world, a simple conversation between two neighbors willing to be loving, courteous human beings would be all that was needed to resolve this problem. But that is not the world we live in right now...and many people, conditioned by bad values and years of living in a nanny state, will do to their fellow human beings whatever they can get away with until someone from the nanny state comes along to slap their wrists. The OP has to deal with this reality.