Comment: Conyers doesn't have a clue.

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Conyers doesn't have a clue.

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"Yes I know that, that the content isn't kept." -Conyers[@37min]

Conyers doesn't realize that Muller is speaking from the specific perspective that the database of metadata is separate form the database of content. Muller will do whatever it takes to not admit [or avoid speaking of] the fact that he has access to a database of content. Muller half-lies in the [@36min] section just previous to Conyer's reply. Muller claims that "WE" don't have the content. Muller here applies "WE" to the FBI. Semantic ambiguity, confusion? It's the NSA[or someone else] that holds the content. Muller restricts his conversational and semantic focus to questions [of use, legality, technology and such] regarding only the database of metadata. Conyers is clueless to the fact that the [database of] metadata is ultimately used to query the [database of] content. This is clearly what the NSA[and other agencies] is most desperately trying to hide from certain members of Congress and the public at large.