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Granger, You are Blind to the Truth

I have cited numerous factual examples reported by U.S. Naval personnel involved in the investigative details of the U.S.S. Liberty attack including and affidavit entered in the U.S. Congressional Record. You have ignore these facts completely and continue to prostrate yourself to the Zionist effigy with circuitous comments to dance the Israeli ballet of deception and obfuscation.

You have not provided one shred of historical reference, not one fact to support your belief that Israel is innocent of deliberately committing war crimes against U.S. naval and Marine Corps personnel on that faithful day June 8, 1967.

You must be the scion of Jay Cristol because you twist the events around as he did in his factually duplicitous screed titled, "Liberty Incident" that falsely claimed the attack was a mistake and not intentional which is a blatant lie.

You wrote you believe President Johnson hid the tragedy because the Liberty was illegally stationed in Israeli waters (IOW?). What evidence do you have that substantiates your belief the Liberty was not in international waters when it was attacked?

What is the basis for your belief, Granger?