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That's funny ! . . . .

and the thing is that if the neighbor lady came here first and wrote/framed her story as she saw it, there would likely be as many people here on her side. They would probably cheer the giant mirror reflector being pointed in his direction instead ! "Afterall, after demanding that the lady turn off her night security yard light (completely within county codes) he threw a tantrum and spitefully played his guitar at full blast at night ! She is an older lady all alone and she is frightened by this 'control freak madman'. She doesn't know where it will lead to next and is very concerned."

See - you can paint a story many ways. Frankly there are aspects of the OPs account that aren't very positive. (Moving in after knowing what he was getting into & taking spiteful rock&roll action against his neighbor.) But, he is showing some reflection, so thats good.