Comment: can someone help me clarify

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can someone help me clarify

Am I reading all of this right?

reading the final bill analysis it seems as though the original 'list' contained in the bill text was replaces will "drug paraphernalia as defined in..." but then the referenced definition of paraphernalia includes tons of normal stuff like lights that "could be" used to cultivate controlled plants (which could hurt all hydroponic and gardening shops). It also includes kits that "could be used" to cultivate controlled substances. Does this mean gardening centers could be slapped with 1st degree misdemeanors, and then felony charges for a second offense for selling indoor growing equipment?

I am not clear on what exactly the final bill text is, and whether it is only supposed to be sales or if possession was still in the final text. The website shows different proposals and drafts but wheres the full final text?

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