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APARTHEID.. truth stranger then fiction

ps edit.. SORRY THIS was meant to be a reply to J-whites comment and somehow ended at top, its in context to his comment.

When the settlers arrived in Cape Town it was run by the VOC (Dutch East India company) many Dutch came over, but there were also many Germans including 200 French Hugenot families. The VOC ruled the terrority and imposed many regulations and restrictions on the settlers. Some settlers liked it some didnt. Because many were protestants that fled persecution in Europe, these were also the very religous type that found the terrotory too liberal lol, but even though relgious were very anarchists, didnt like to be bossed around basically.

So bitternes krept in even before the English took over. Then the English took over (East India Company). Many settlers were hard pioneering types that kept getting further and further away from main terrority even stopped using money and living off the land and farming cattle etc. Eventually a big enough group broke off in the great trek after having enough of the English (many smaller groups called trek boers actually went first) and travelled over a 1000 miles and went to Natal.

Eventually 2 republics were set up inland, the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. These poeple were religious and once gold was discovered they tried to keep it a secret believing it would be a corrupting force. Once the news got out then the rest is history. Many poeple of a CERTAIN TRIBE (not african tribes) suddenly found themselves in this region and next thing you know the Boers are fighting the English. The word Boer is a Dutch word for farmer.

This was a hard fought battle, it evetually got down to 500000 English soldiers against the remaining 25000 bitter enders. these guys fought so hard that the English accepted a conditional surrender (note not un-conditional)

There was a clear distinction between the Cape Dutch and the Dutch decendants that went off to set up the new republics. Although both groups spoke same language, they were culturally apart with a very different mind set. Infact many of the Cape Dutch fought with the English in the Boer wars as they were the elites of the time and liked English rule.

What then started to happen was the English backed Cape Dutch started to co-opt the Boers since they spoke the same lanaguage known as Afrikaans, infact their history was so crap compared to the mighty brave Boers they stole their history, taught their kids they were infact Boers merely for speaking same language and lumped all the Boers and Cape Dutch into one group called the Afrikaaners, over time this led upto Afrikaaner nationalism and they defeated the Enlish speaking colonists by outvoting in an election and set up the Republic of South Africa independant of the British Empire.

Even though the Afrikaaners became one, it took a couple of generations for the co-opting to be totally successful, many Boers bitterly remembered the Cape Dutch who fought with the English and called then "Joiners" but slowly the kids indoctrinated at school forgot this. There were still a small group of Boers "the remanant" that fought for their republics and didnt want to be part of South Africa, a land they found free of inhabitants (many tribes were on the coast and the Africans came in large numbers as labour for the mines brought by the English)

Youll notice that even though South Africa was independant and the Afrikaaner backed government supposedly angry for what the English did in the Boer wars and the concentration camps (YES, THE ENGLISH INVENTED THE CONCENTRATION CAMP and killed 25% of the Boer population mostly woman and children put broken glass into their food etc) fought in WW1, WW2 Korean wars on side of the English. In the 70s we fought a proxy war for America through Henry Kissingers work against Russian backed Angolan forces.

Mandela working in a law firm (with a certain tribe, wink wink) was backed by the elites and fought against Apartheid. By this time (PURELY SPECULATION, what I think may have happened) the Afrikaaner elite broke off from the global elite and did their own thing, basically becoming like what the North Koreans are doing, but to be honest some dodgy stuff was still happening as we were cleary part of the cold war and fiercly anti-communist.

You guys can probably take it from here, surely many will remember all that anti-apartheid stuff shoved down your throat by mass media. We were essentially an early version of Iraq, Libya, Syria. Remember all the Hollywood Stars around Mandela, who controls Hollywood. Many of you anti-apartheid guys probably don't know anything about the PAC (Pan African Congress) the one group that wanted NO involvment from the west, yet their names will never feature anywhere in the west.

We had developed Nuclear waepons with Isreal (again some dodgy stuff as we had very strong links with Isreal, with one hand through the west we were attacked, then by the other hand we were helped by Isreal, maybe they needed us against the Russians, who knows)

Sure Apartheid was wrong, very wrong, but they didn't give a shit about apartheid like Saddam or Gaddafi, they wanted total control. The main opposition party is now Hellen Zille (note not African) and our PRIVATISED CENTRAL BANK is run by a former communist Gill Marcus (note not African) guess what group they from lol.

For me as a Christian God is in control, he let Apartheid come to an end because it was wrong and hopefully the Boers can come to realize their rights as free born created human beaings and defend themselves from the retribution they currently face for merely been born with a white skin in South Africa, but not with racist anger in their hearts, but follow the defence doctrine.

Im also not angry with the English because the elites get decent poeple to fight against decent poeple, very sad. Many good poeple died in WW2. oh well im tired now, but thought to give my 2cents.

PS... another edit. I'm not anti Mandela either, he fought for his freedom as was his right, but my focus is on his backers and their true intentions, he had a hard life in those prisons and respect him, but not his ideology.