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On your last point in your last paragraph. .

. . we are in complete agreement. Sometimes people need to 'disagree to disagree' and leave it at that. If I were the OP I'd drive to a better place to watch shooting stars at night. I'd slowly get to sincerely know my neighbor (dropping the agenda, sincerity is everything). Perhaps in time she'd come around. Afterall, he lived with it for 10 years without it being enough of a concern to make him move out so it must not be that time critical of an issue. No one I know would co-operate if tantrum or strong arm tactics were used. He has no legal standing if the light is just a normal yard light. From the tone of the OPs response, I bet he'll take this kinder/gentler approach and later relate to us how well things worked out because of that. Thank you for sharing your views with me.