Comment: It doesn't matter.

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It doesn't matter.

It's all for show.They got busted,and they are trying to paddle as quick as they can to regain the peoples faith in the government.Once the people are appeased,they will go right back to their dirty illegal tricks.
Seriously,what is being done to Eric Holder?...Hillary Clinton?...Any of the many IRS officials?...etc?.......NOTHING!They are putting on the show of these trials,when nothing is being done about any of them.They wait till the people start paying attention to something else & rap it up.Then when someone asks about it,the response is that he was given a slap on the wrist.
This slap on the wrist bullshit is gettin real old real fast!These officials know nothing will happen to them because they have seen their predecessors get away with murder for years.Why should they follow the bothersome law,when they won't get punished for breaking it.After all,breaking it,makes them a LOT more money.And they only have to violate a few laws & destroy a couple peoples lives in the process.No big deal.Just think about all the money.....
WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE WAKE UP???These corrupt politicians need to be charged & imprisoned for treason.When they use their elected office to fatten up their personal bank account(outside of their salary),it is treason!Plain & simple.They are betraying the american people & should be in prison!!!!