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A U.S. Navy cartographer, engineer and ancient-map specialist--Captain Arlington H. Mallery -- had come across a copy of the map, studied it and said publicly that the map seemed to show Antarctica -- unknown at the time the map was drawn -- and that, furthermore, the coast seemed to have been mapped at a time when it was free of ice, an apparent impossibility. Furthermore, Mallery's opinions had been endorsed by the directors of the astronomical observatories at Boston College and Georgetown University, Daniel Linehan and Francis Heyden.

I'll take the opinions of those chaps over your poorly educated and misinformed Steve Dutch, whoever the hell he is, who overlooks the fact that Piri Reis had to reduce the map and more than likely that skewed some of the azimuthal projections. Beyond his azimuthal argument which I just destroyed, the rest of his views are idle speculation. (ie, "perhaps north america is actually asia)

Did you even read the document you supplied? His arguments make no sense.

The US Air Force also studied and endorsed the Antarctic coast theory of the map. It's actually your own source that is bunk.