Comment: I will say this, if any of

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I will say this, if any of

I will say this, if any of the FBI knew it was Tamerlan in the picture, I agree that he/she or they are partially responsible for the death of Collier.
But I disagree "we know for sure: the FBI knew exactly who the suspects in the surveillance photos were".
How do we know that for sure? Yes Tamerlan was interviewed by the FBI and whoever in the FBI that was involved with his case knew who he was, but they doesn't mean that they could identify him from a picture where he is wearing sunglasses and a hat.
Also I see no reason why any of the FBI would have known it was Dzokhar, as he was never investigated by the FBI. Sure whoever did the investigation and interview of Tamerlan probably at some point saw a picture or pictures of Dzokhar, but I highly doubt I could tell you everyone I've seen a picture of in the last couple years.
I just find it possible that Tamerlan was not recognized in the pictures by those in the FBI who knew who he was from interviewing/investigating him, being that he was hiding distinguishing features by wearing sunglasses and a hat.

With that said, I don't rule out FBI involvement in this. They could have had an informant aid them and help them set it up and that's why those in the FBI who knew who Tamerlan was didn't identify him. But I definitely don't think they are innocent or just patsies, as I think the evidence overwhelming points to their involvement.

Anyway just my honest opinion, not saying I know either way. I'm sure I will be downvoted for it, but I figured you wrote up this thread for discussion so I thought I would give my opinion as I've kept up pretty good with the Boston Marathon bombing news.