Comment: The GJ vs RP era was a learning experience for all of us

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The GJ vs RP era was a learning experience for all of us

here and probably a learning experience for many DPers as well. Although now a page in history. There was no previous model to use as a guide. Things have taken directions since then and things have changed because of it. Hence the distancing of the site itself from one man back when we did it, for starters. Being the tail end and last chance at a Ron Paul run probably added to the chaos, and probably also added some level of confusion for everyone here on DP, but it did give us here behind the scenes some insight into future election cycles and things we would need to change.

The Boston bombing and many other things have also helped to mold things and set precedents. Some may understand, some may not, and those that don't, won't, until they have been here where we are, in our shoes. Those that think this should be a piece of cake to do are the very ones you definitely don't want moderating here. In reality we aren't near as bad as some think. Look at FOX News - they just completely eliminated commenting period. A few sites don't bother with it, let alone letting users post headlines, stories, and topics.

One thing we have learned is, you can't please everyone, and you never will. So you get together, pick a direction, go with it, and it is what it is. We are in that process now and continuing to hone it. Those that like it, can stay, those that don't, can go.

Doing this is indeed more often than not, a thankless job, which we learn to become numb to after time. You have to, or you'll go crazy trying to please everyone, which is impossible. There is some fun in it occasionally, but most of it is not at all 'fun'. It is a task at any time. Someone will be happy, and someone will be pissed. There is no win-win. No ideal happy land. It's the conundrum of liberty and property rights management - everyone is different, there is no everyone answer.

We tried to please everyone early on, then we realized, and partially for our own sanity, it was time to pick a direction, hone it, and go with it. Which takes time, life experiences, thought, discussions, and therefore, doesn't happen overnight. People can hang, or people can bail. Either way, the DP will lose some, but equally it will gain others because of it.

The only thing that is constant is that time marches on.

You should feel good deac, the only DPer to ever get a short and rare interview. Lol

Maybe we should all get together some distant day and write a book about the years at DP behind the scenes with interviews, it might be interesting and undoubtedly comical.