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Sorry to disappoint

Sorry to disappoint you but choosing CT as a MMJ State is a terrible idea.

There is no home-growing allowed, and the "legal dispensaries" are not going to be able to open for years, and will require the current law to change. With a $25,000 non-refundable application fee, a $1-2million escrow account required to be held by the State government, only the largest companies will be able to apply to become licensed growers. And the state will only license a maximum of 10 growers, to supply the state. The state will decide what the level of demand is, and can license up to ten growers depending on the level of demand.
On top of that, only licensed pharmacists are allowed to dispense the medicine. They must be in an already existing pharmacy building, cannot build a new facility, yet must have separate, secure section of the facility to cater to the cannabis patients. On top of that, these pharmacists are licensed to distribute controlled substance under Federal law. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 substance and any Federally licensed pharmacists dispensing cannabis could lose their license.
To put it bluntly, the CT MMJ law is a completely Corporatist law, that is designed only to please the voters but it worded as such that it can never successfully be implemented. At least not under the federal governments current laws.
I would strongly suggest you take a good hard look at Rhode Island. They have a comparably free-market caregiver system, and just recently opened full service legitimate state licensed dispensaries, called "compassion centers", like they have in Cali. Patients can also grow their own. Also, it is much easier to get your MMJ Card in RI than CT, as RI has a broader list of conditions and has been doing it much longer.
Best of Luck!

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