Comment: And you address nothing i said

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And you address nothing i said

How is your reasoning different from the neocons(on terrorists) or progressives (on guns)? Answer that question.

Yeah, I do care about liberating those, (EVIL GREEDY COPORATION HELL BENT ON KILLING US AND DESTROYING THE WORLD) from government requirements that are often written by corrupt government officials and corporate insiders to benefit big business. That's called corporatism, and you are supporting it by supporting it's infrastructure.

Truly, many that are advocating for government intervention in the market don't understand the problem or how the free market works. They also completely ignore the fact that they are supporting the idea that the government can act and use force when "something scary we don't like" is around, regardless of natural rights.

Instead of advocating for big government to give you something they got by using force, how about starting a campaign for non GMO producers to label their products "GMO free". If there's a market for it, they'll happily do it, OR you could try and get a campaign going to remove limited liability and the benefits government GIVES to corporations to protect them.

"But no, it's to hard to do the right thing, so we should just use the barrel of a gun and the threat of force to get our way." That's the message you send. We can not lead by example if we choose to act as those we oppose when a situation gets hard or is not immediately gratifying.

Nice use of the progressive term "corporate libertarian" though. You must read a ton of

If supporting the NAP and the free market makes me a "corporate libertarian" so be it. I'm a corporate libertarian!

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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