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“To me this is like the reverse of the Tar Baby Fable, as digital currency is competitive in the sense of being very high in qualities, such as accuracy, accountability, reliability, and having a fixed power to purchase that does not change deceptively if at all, and the costs of such a competitive currency, legal or otherwise, are reduced down to a minimum.”

I would say that it depends on who is in control of the data. The Legal Criminals have digital currency now and they transfer as much as they want whenever they want without the cost of printing on paper. What is a credit card? What is a check? What happens when you pay your credit bill with a check or with an online transfer from your bank account? All electronic. The only difference between that and then is that then the data will be resident in your own personal mark or chip or whatever housed inside your body. Sounds good does it?

“and here I think you are less competitive in measuring how things work out on the bad path.
On the bad path the criminals no longer have rules that govern themselves and therefore there won't be such things as computer networks that work, since there is no one to maintain them, having no true leadership, no common goals, not among the criminals, and not among the victims, the form of currency becomes cruder, not more elaborate.”

The devil himself will give The Antichrist power. Miracles will be performed. Everything will be great for 3.5 years. There will even be peace on earth! But after those first 3.5 years all hell will break loose for the 2nd 3.5 years. Those last 3.5 years are called the Great Tribulation. Jesus said:

• Matthew 24:21 KJV
For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

• Matthew 24:29 KJV
Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

And then after that Jesus said:

Matthew 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other

Satan is the god of this World and he has power and will have complete power during the tribulation. So you are right, when Legal is removed from crime, hell breaks loose. And it will worse than ever has been seen.

He will cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, bond and free to have a mark in order to buy or sell. We are headed that direction as we speak. I believe I have even Ron Paul say the Dollar will crash and that a new monetary system will be put into place and that is why we should have something ready.

Satan does this:

• 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV
In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

And this is why I keep talking to you about the Bible and God and Jesus:

• 1 John 5:4 KJV
For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

Would you like to read the Bible of the man whose bones were exhumed and burned?
That would be John Wycliffe’s translation –Old English- circa 1395:

Or would you like to read the Bible of the man who was strangled and burned at the stake?
That would be William Tyndale’s translation –Middle English- circa 1500’s:

Would you like to read the Bible of the Pilgrims and those who fled to the Americas in the early 1600’s because of persecutions?

That would be the Geneva Bible translated in Switzerland by those who had fled there because of persecution – Early Modern English – circa 1560. This translation contains study notes:

There are no magic words or magic places or magic times of repetition. I am simply asking that you simply and sincerely from your heart ask in your words

"Please God: reveal to me whether or not Jesus Christ is who the Bible declares Him to be."

No need for chanting, no need for repetition, no need for any food, drink or ceremony of any type. Just you talking to God. I would say “the Creator,” but from listening to Cooper, I have learned that there are those who think that Lucifer is the Creator.

As far as reading the Bible. I was meaning reading the actual Bible. I have listed different links above that are previous to King James and/or copywrite. They were translated by people who suffered for their faith.
Certainly you have been linked to Frank for some reason. If he is an apostate, I can tell you who linked you to him. I think he is an apostate because the One Heaven site says this :

“The Covenant of the United States of Spirits, of One Heaven is the fulfillment of that dream and promised- that one day humanity will be united, that the war between heaven and hell, between heaven and earth shall finally be over.
It is the fulfillment of a journey that began with the earliest and greatest of human minds, the great ancient prophets and sages of ancient empires. The Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Chinese, the Mayan, the Hopi, the Indus, the Hindu and the many more cultures that have existed and continue to exist.
The dream is that one day, when we all die we might be in Heaven and that one day, we might witness the uniting of all human minds, the forgiving of our sins and the ending of the most ancient of curses.
The dream is now fulfilled through the The official Covenant of One Heaven “

That is opposed to The Lord Jesus Christ who is the only name given among men whereby we must be saved. There is salvation in no other name. The Myans worshipped the Sun as god. Cooper will give you the background. You may be interested in what can be done today, but I suggest that you find out what god Frank is talking about and what god Frank is using for power.

And then here: The very first sentence is a lie.
“We are the architects of our doom and our destiny, not God. We are the ones that have created Hell on Earth, not God. And if we ever do destroy ourselves again, it will because of individuals, not “God’s Will” that such madness happens.
Religions have no right to perpetuate such lies and false claims of representing that which they know nothing about, nor can ever hope to properly represent.
Instead, the world is given the Ucadian model, the great constitutions of unity and the wisdom of understanding as an attempt to end the cycle of madness that entraps people in beliefs of supreme beings, but abdicate all responsibility and capacity to make the world a better place themselves.
The time has come to end such foolish behaviour and to hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our own destiny and the future well being of our family, our community, our nations, our regions, our planet and our solar system.”

The world is given the UCA model by whom?

Who exactly is abdicating responsibility to make the world a better place?

The last sentence is also a lie.

Liars lie.
1 John 5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.

To believe on the Son is to believe Salvation is available thru none other, but only the Son.
--------------------- :

And yet a sacred Divine promise was made, that one day war in Heaven and on Earth would come to an end.
This day has arrived.

Really? ”The first such covenant to claim "equal status" between Level 6 Self Aware Life Forms and superior spirits was the infamous blood libel of Persian leader of the Uryan (Aryan) Empire known as BabaRab I (272-309), also known as “Baba Rabban”, also known as “Baba Metzia” after 325 CE who according to corrupted texts succeeded in tricking through argument the lord of the underworld known as “Satan” and also “Sabaoth” and later as G-D to entering into an unholy Covenant.

Therefore, in accordance with the powers and authority granted through this most sacred Covenant, all symbols whether occult or benign are claimed as the sole authority of the Society of One Heaven and no other. Furthermore, any claimed supernatural, mystical or customary use of such symbols, except by those officials authorized in accordance with this Covenant, are hereby null, void and without force or effect.
The continued use of such symbols, in particular those symbols claimed within this Covenant as exclusively for the use of entities and officials of the Society of One Heaven, is absolutely forbidden from this moment forward.” :

“6. To establish contact and confirm treaties and unity with other Level 6 Higher order life forms
To fulfil the mission of the Divine Creator and make contact and unite the Level 6 Higher Order life forms within the local star system and Milky Way Galaxy within the next great cycle of three thousand two hundred ten years, including but not limited to the the Griseo Morbidus (Standard Grey), the Cerastis Sapiens (Horned Reptoids), the Android Scitus (Smart Androids), the Cyborg Sagax (Autonomous Cyborgs), the Serpens Sophos (Smooth Skinned Reptoids), the Volucris Permuto (Hybrid Bird Form), the Homo Adamus (Early Humanoids), the Sapientia Mutatis (Transformed Wisdom Being), the Mammaloid Sentientiae (Conscious Mammaloids), the Griseo Altus (Tall Grey) and the Serpens Alatus (Winged Reptoids).
Recognition of former negative Spirits and Deities as Allies (link)
By the power and authority of the present Covenant as a historic treaty and final Covenant in recognition of the peace between angels and arch demons, it is hereby recognized that Satan and his key generals are henceforth acknowledged as Great Spirits and Deities.
In accord with the treaty of peace, amity and good will within the present Covenant, let it be known to all that there no longer exists any conflict, state of war or orchestration of evil by former arch demons, demons or negative deities. Furthermore, all souls previously trapped, bound, claimed, cursed as damned, or tormented souls under organized custody known as Hell, or Purgatory, or Limbo or Hades and any derivative thereof have officially been released and such states of negativity have been dissolved.
Therefore, henceforth by the power and authority of the present Covenant, Satan and his generals as recognized and respected Great Spirits and Deities and full Members of One Heaven are fully eligible for election as one (1) of the one hundred forty four (144) Great Spirits and Deities as the Executive Government of One Heaven according to the rules of a Supreme Conclave of One Heaven.”

Here Frank places The Lord God Jehovah YHWH in the same circle of deities as Baal and Dagon and Moloch and Ra and Satan.

"(ix) The twenty four (24) Supreme Spiritual Deities duly elected were:
• God [000000-000000-000131],
• El [000000-000000-000107],
• Allah [000000-000000-000014],
• Amen [000000-000000-000019],
• Ba’al [000000-000000-000058],
• Iblis [000000-000000-000151],
• Jehovah [000000-000000-000159],
• Cybele [000000-000000-000095],
• Dagon [000000-000000-000096],
• Thoth [000000-000000-000327],
• Athena [000000-000000-000052],
• Aten [000000-000000-000051],
• Isis [000000-000000-000158],
• Para Brahman [000000-000000-000253],
• Rama [000000-000000-000274],
• Vishnu [000000-000000-000338],
• Marduk [000000-000000-000205],
• Moloch [000000-000000-000226],
• Ptah (Peter) [000000-000000-000263],
• Ra [000000-000000-000268],
• Sabaoth [000000-000000-000284],
• Satan [000000-000000-000288],
• Seth [000000-000000-000302],
• YHWH [000000-000000-000353]."

The document written by Frank O’Connor is above the Bible? And EVERY AND ALL CLERGY have been pronounced as officers of One Heaven?

"The most sacred Society of One Faith of God, also known as the One Holy Apostolic Church, also known as the Holy Universal Church, also known as One Faith of God is the first, the highest and the primary association, aggregate, body, entity and society of Members of One Heaven sharing spiritual heritage associated with all forms of Christian, Gnostic and Jewish faiths.

In accord with the intention and consent of the one (1) true Divine Creator, all existence, angels, saints, demons and all spirits of united Heaven it is hereby pronounced that any deceased or presently living higher order life being having professed their faith in Christianity, Judaism or Gnosticism is a Member of One Faith of God as well as a Member of One Heaven.

Therefore all living Level 6 Life Forms who profess to be Christian, Jewish or Gnostic are ipso facto (as a matter of fact) subject first to the laws of One Heaven and second to the laws of One Faith of God above any other lesser society, association, entity or body.

Furthermore, it is hereby pronounced that every and all ordained, acknowledged, commissioned or certified clergy of any Christian, Jewish or Gnostic body are officers of One Faith of God and subject to the laws and obligations of One Faith of God first above any other lesser society, association, entity or body." “133.3 Conveyance of Rights, Ownership, Land, Property and Uses “


Excommunication from Office of Heretical and Belligerent Clergy (link)
Any living Level 6 Life Form who holds any form of religious office by claiming to possess some right of authority to speak, teach or write on matters of faith concerning Christianity, Judaism or Gnosticism that subsequently repudiated any element of the present Article or the present Covenant as a whole shall be guilty of a grave transgression against Heaven and against Christianity, Judaism and Gnosticism and shall automatically be known as an Apostate and so immediately severed and excommunicated from any legitimate position or office.
Thereafter, any act, statement or document issued by such an Apostate shall have no effect in law and shall be null and void from the beginning.
Furthermore, any Clergy holding senior office that ignore their solemn obligations by failing to respond to an offer of extraordinary, special or ordinary qualification as listed by the present Covenant shall be forever known as an Apostate against Heaven and Christianity, Judaism and Gnosticism from the expiry of such qualification.

I am done with this. This information is opposed to the Word of God. Sets itself up above the Word of God. I will not listen to anymore of Franks talks. Frank will have to take my life as I will never join One Heaven or participate in any way with his contract. I am an apostate of One Heaven and will always be so. My allegiance is to none other than God the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who resides within me.

Furthermore, I see a lot of involuntary associations announced in the One Heaven Covenant which claims to supercede all previous religious covenants, written by Frank O’Connor himself.

What is in the name O’Connor?

"Membership to One-Heaven is granted to every man, woman, higher order life, living or deceased, no matter what their background, behaviour, beliefs or regrets.

By Article 38 of Pactum De Singularis Caelum, Unique Membership Numbers representing the right to Heaven of each and every man, woman and higher order being, living and deceased.

Therefore you are already a member, having been granted unconditional, permanent and irrevocable membership rights to Heaven, whether you choose to acknowledge One Heaven and this fact or not."

That there says I am already a member whether I choose to acknowledge the fact or not. How is that voluntary? Frank O'Connor wrote a document and claimed me as a member?

Josf, have you read all the stuff that O'Connor has written? He has written Lies and claimed them as Truth and says it supercedes all other previous truth.

Be very careful my friend.