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Comment: i grew up in Connecticut

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i grew up in Connecticut

and I remember thinking Nader's Raiders were so cool.

Nader is from Litchfield, CT -- the northwest corner of Connecticut - that was the crunchy nutty, great outdoors, where people wore L.L.Bean or dressed like hippies.

The last time I saw Nader and spoke to him was in 2000. I was stopped at a traffic light on Connecticut Ave in the Adams Morgan section of D.C.
Nader was crossing in the cross walk right in front of my car (he hates cars) == It was a beautiful spring day.
I said, "Hey Ralph!" He was deep in some thought so it took a few seconds... He gave me a big smile -- looked like Abraham Lincoln -- sort of slightly bent over and a little craggy but tall.

He didn't need to say a word but he did and he tilted his head and winked. That was 13 years ago - I remember it like it was yesterday.