Comment: Don't forget the Power of Ideas

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Don't forget the Power of Ideas

I agree in large part with your sentiments about:
-Unreasonable expectations about liberty's appeal to all
-People's reliance on hierarchies of status
-Hierarchy of control & propaganda
-Leaders/elite vs followers

However I take a different perspective on liberty and freedom. I think we are all born free, have a natural inclination and desire for it, and in most parts of the world we live freely the majority of our daily lives. I think people who like to control others for whatever reason hide behind the facade of government and use that to limit other people's freedom. I see liberty politics as really just a defense against those limits and restrictions on our freedom.

Anyways your points should be areas of focus for everyone to consider if they want to be effective. I think you make a good point for those who want to focus on practical political activities and Rand Paul's success exemplifies that path. Ron Paul took a similar political path yet focused more on spreading the ideas of liberty and I think it is evident to all of us how great an impact he has made on the world and the reason why many of us are here. Don't forget the power of ideas.

I think there are many paths and they don't all have to be political. Everyone has their own unique talents and interests. Ideas are powerful. Ideas energize and inspire people into action. Look at what Ayn Rand or George Orwell were able to do with their writing. If we didn't have Mises, Hayek, Rothbard etc, even those in the liberty movement who gain political power might be willing to accept monetarist approaches to central banking and we'll still have majors booms and busts and major financial calamaties. What about the libertarian ideas of our founding fathers or John Locke or the ideas in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence? How powerful were they? What about the truth and lies in history and how did they shape action and policy? Was Lincoln really that great? How have the lies of 9-11 shaped people's perceptions and actions? How much is the lie of 9-11 used as justification for foreign invasions and our current police state? How will policy change when people are blinded by lies?

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past" - George Orwell

I will say there are many more activities that are just as important if not more important than politics and I hope people explore all areas including:
Literature/Writing/Blogging/Social Networking- spread ideas
Movies/Documentaries & Entertainment - spread ideas visually
New Media - break the mainstream propaganda machine
Academia & Education - create or be part of think tanks like Independent Institute/Mises/Cato etc; homeschool; teach liberty like Tom Woods
Whistleblow - be like Snowden
Technology - anything that creates freedom; digital currency, 3D printing etc.
Entrepreneurship - make money and donate
Voluntarism/agorism - Living free outside the system (and be the change you want to see and show others a new paradigm) Remember some of us here don't believe in government so we are less likely to participate in something we don't believe in
Gardening - living sustainably
I'm sure I'm missing many other ways ...

Overall I agree with your sentiments, but you explain just one path. Let us all find the best path for ourselves and bless those that are willing to work hard in whatever path they choose.

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