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Thank you

Warms the cockles of my heart and renews hope.

Today the news is we will fund and arm the al-Qeada terrorists in Syria and considering putting American Troops in direct military support of of the al-Qeada terrorists to make America safe from al-Qeada terrorists. Just like we did in Libya. Ask Ambassador Stevens how well that worked out. Can't have a war on terror without making sure we have terror to fight.

The audacity of this insanity is so wearying. The Talking Heads who condemned Dr Paul for pointing out this insanity are now condemning the insanity of this position. But its safe to do so now that he is gone.

God I miss Ron Paul. He deserves his retirement after fighting this fight for decades. He continues to support us but the burden of the battle is on us now. We will not give up. We will redeem the Republic for the sake of our children.