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My position

Is one of logic. I see all the evaluations of Philosophy and influence as failures of men driven by their own ego.

Men have all of these long winded interpretations of the State or Community and these issues are relevant only as a means to understand the nature of the confusion of most men/women. These expressions typically have a basis in human observation and contemplation driven by an emotional response they have to such things.

I am one of logic. If any concepts conflict logic then they are invalid for consideration. What do I mean by this? I am a man of science and technology. Scientific Law is pure rigorous consistently congruent logic. Real Law, of which scientific law is a subset of, is always logically congruent and never has any conflicts. All one has to do to know what real Law is as formed from the divine source of order (God) is, to make sure that there are never any conflicts just as scientists do within scientific law. Science looks for congruency and conflicts to know if the known scientific "laws" are indeed Law because they are never broken in any way that the subject can be examined. Same goes for Law as in a legal sense. All laws must be logical congruent and thus no law can break another law otherwise it is not law.

So for me this is the only thing that matters when it comes to government, politics, business and science. Our organic laws in US was the first Law in the history of man that had no conflicts with any other valid laws. It was logically congruent within all other laws that were also logically congruent. This is the ONLY thing matters to me here because I use this concept to protect myself. I don't have to deal with the driver's licenses certifications and tickets anymore because these acts of extortions committed by other men claiming to be "government" are actually felony criminal acts of extortion, fraud, Breach of Duty by corrupt criminal men. Our organic laws established that the Powers of Justice (just powers) are derived from the consent of governed. This means for every single criminal or civil action taken against another means that one is liable for their accusations against another just as another is liable for criminal acts they may have committed. When one examines the Law of Agency and our Organic Laws in context to lawful just powers of Government one realizes that government has NO power over the People at all. They have power over persons who subjected themselves to their authority in exchange for limited liability. The Law of Agency requires that an agent be acting on behave of a principle who is accepting liability for the requested actions of the agents. So the agents of government only have lawful authority to act when an accuser who is the principle has made the accusation against the accused and the accuser has identified themselves as accepting liability for the action; one's right to face their accuser. This liability of both the accused and the accuser is equitable and is the only lawful process of government interference into someone private life.

Now corrupt, naïve, ignorant men think Law can just be written into codes and statutes and that the government agents can make any action against anyone without anyone having liability for the action. This is THE failure of Americans and THE source of tyranny. All the philosophy and opinions in the world do not matter when one understands real law. Real Law must be congruent otherwise another law will be broken in the act of attempting to enforce another "law". These conflicts can be enumerated and shown in very precise ways as to actually have the corrupted agents claiming no liability into actually admit to exact code definitions of felony crimes in open court when one realizes how real law works. Those conflicts in legal law become as obvious as some hack "scientist" trying to say that gravity pushes away from the center of mass.

I hope you can see the logical nature of what I am talking about here and how all the politics in the world does not matter when one understands the Law of Agency and our Organic Laws and knows how to enumerate when is violating the real law. Why do you think the word politics is derived from policy? It is because policy is the rules for government and all other limited liability entities that contract for the benefit of limited liability in exchange for bearing the burden of regulated capacity. The Constitution is a contract in common law between men who claim applicability of the contract and codes and statutes are for regulating the legally created fictional contractually created capacities under the Constitution. This has nothing to do with real men (men in law means men and women always because law is written in the masculine form), We the People, who stand fully liable for their own actions. The Citizens are the agents who voluntarily took the contractual oath to the Constitution to abide by its prohibitions in exchange for the benefits of pay and limited liability when in agency to the People. Anyone using threats fear and intimidation to force another into any contract is committing felony extortion and many times fraud, another felony. Are we going to debate philosophy while corrupt criminal men commit crimes against us or are we going to consent to accept liability for exercising the powers of justice to bring remedy for the harm they have done to us? This is the only question there is when talking about upholding the rule of law. Today most are so confused that they believe everyone born in the US is a citizen. If you read the Constitution carefully you will see that the words Citizens and People NEVER overlap and never mean the same thing. The founders knew that it was well known in Law that God (the Law) is no respecter of persons. They also knew that person or Person was not synonymous with Men or Man or People. Once one realizes that the person/citizen is a legal capacity/status/office of limited liability within the scope of agency and the Man is natural and full liability then one can truly understand the absolute divine inspiration source of our laws and why they wrote what they wrote. They literally made law for Government through a contract while all People already had common law procedures that were logically congruent and based on a Jury. The courts were only impartial forum for allowing a venue for non violent dispute resolution where the People would determine law and remedy amongst themselves. This was the pinnacle of enlightenment to real law and most Americans have flushed all of this down the toilet with their confused opinions of philosophy, politics, status and influence. Americans have literally lost everything and they don't even know it. In their ignorance they also don't realize that eliminating their ignorance to law is the only way to protect themselves and the rule of law itself. Protecting our law has almost nothing to do with politics. If you juries begin mowing the lawn of crime across the country tomorrow politics will have no power at all. That's why TPTB want us to play in their rigged game of politics so that we are confused into feeling powerless and subject to their every word. This is truly mass insanity of the highest order.

It is all logic and in this world of deception of corrupt and criminal men I only turn to divine inspiration to seek truth and the truth demonstrates that harmful acts of aggressions such as extortion, fraud, assault, battery, murder and kidnapping are all violations of the law and it is We the People's duty to bring justice not try to convince and manipulate people into allow us or them to influence policy that we all have to adhere to when that policy is actually criminal activity.

So as Ron Paul stated I too have very little faith in politics especially when men like BILL3 suggest strategies we need to be a nation of men and not of laws. My recommendation is to read Lysander Spooner's No Treason. He is the only other man I have ever read that was able to maintain perfect logical congruency within real law. He laid out how Constitutional Government would operate lawfully and he never failed in his logical constituency and congruency. No offense to BILL3 but he seems kind of like a chump with his little get in the hierarchy of man speech here compared to accepting liability for upholding and defending the law for our protections. Our juries is where real law will be rediscovered and upheld not politics. In a real court you only need to convince twelve people of a truly captive audience debating every detail, in politics you need to convince 100's of millions with 30 second sound bytes amongst all the pomp and circumstance of deceptions by corrupt men. Which one do you think has the higher probability of success in securing Liberty and preserving the protections of law?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...