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Nothing wrong with setting a high goal for high standards

Schiff's point is well taken that for a fundraising platform like kickstarter where you need to reach the goal to receive the funds, it may be easier to start out with 10 episodes and work incrementally up to 100. However, I can envision this project from Ben Swann's perspective.

Keep in mind there are sunk cost (like the kickstarter/amazon fees) and capital investment/expediture costs (setting up a website/server) that might drive the cost of a 10 episodes run to $13K/episode compared to $10K/episode for 100 episodes. Also, there is opportunity costs that he has to consider. For instance, say he makes between $60K and $120K per year at his current job that is relatively secure given his experience now. He and his family had to weigh the risk and reward of leaving perhaps a stable career for something no one had ever done before. The risk of course was to leave something that would provide him with a steady paycheck to care for his wife and children for a project that had no secure funding. The reward would be to pursue an endeavor that perhaps he felt uniquely qualified to do at a time when his work was absolutely needed. I imagine the conversation he had with his family was something he did not take lightly. I postulate here that he told his family that since Ron Paul was able to raise tens of millions online, that it was quite probable he could do the same for his ambitious project. Furthermore, he told them that after a year's time and if the project floundered he would get his butt back to Cincinnati and do the traditional news anchor work again. And 100 episodes / 1.25 million dollars were the magic numbers to make this plan work. For him to plan for only 10 episode is equivalent to him telling his family that he'll leave steady work and relocate for a 2 month gig.

I'm sure if you put it in this context, you can imagine why Ben set the parameters for his project the way that he did. After all, if you were employed at a job that was stable and that you didn't hate, and you were offered a really lucrative job that paid double or it was a job doing something you loved but it would only be a two month contract with no guarantees of further employment and you'd have to relocate, wouldn't you try to negotiate for a longer guaranteed contract? Everyone's situation is different but if you have a family, stability is definitely a significant factor you find yourself considering in your career decisions.