Comment: Bump this article--Superb point!

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Bump this article--Superb point!

If what certain politicians, certain military leaders, and others are saying about Edward Snowden is true that he is "lying" about the massive surveillance state, then, he can't possibly be committing their idea of "treason".

We seem to be finding out the "transparency" that we all have been yearning for in our leaders in this government now. Therefore, we need now to have "accountability" for their actions. Since it is very clear we are not getting what we need from our Congressmen, I say put all these people before Congress that are testifying under LIE DETECTOR TESTS, with the results of it immediately showing in Big Media at the end of their testimony.

How's that grab you for "transparency"! If all our politicians and military leaders have nothing to hide and are as virtuous as they claim, then, the "we have nothing to hide" crowd shouldn't have any objection to testifying with a Lie Detector test running---oh, did I say we, the people, would control WHO gives the test? LOL